In Montenegro, there was another blatant case of persecution of independent journalists who disagree with the government dictated by the Western Course. Montenegrin IN4S website, known for its oppositional and anti-NATO position, said that it had received threats from the Ministry of Defence after appearance of News Front’s material on the front page.




Our website also came through several DDOS-attacks after the publication of the text.


The text says that the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic to be arrested after the country’s entry into NATO. As a proof were attached the documents of NATO mission in Podgorica.




An official letter from the Ministry of Defense, which was published in IN4S, said that the papers are “falsifying and concocting facts”. Editorial was also warned of some “measures” that the Ministry of Defense and government agencies against the Montenegrin authorities intend to take moves against “such a destructive activity” in cooperation with colleagues from the “partner countries and NATO”. 


The latter sounds at least strange. First of all, Montenegro is not a NATO member, and its structure can not have any relation to the internal affairs of the country, moreover – to the functioning of the media. Secondly, it is unclear why the Ministry of Defense is engaged in general control of media resources. As it can be seen from this letter, this department is exactly pro-NATO. Thirdly, the happened incident was a definite proof of the words of many local politicians and experts. The deeper Montenegro is involving in the European integration process, the less democracy is in the relationship between the state and the media.


Gojko Raicevic, the main editor of IN4S published the response to the letter of the Ministry of Defense.


“I call you to explain, what are “the partner countries and NATO”? Why do you call them to help in a burst of to crush any critical thought, which is opposed to your absurd and totalitarian purpose to involve Montenegro in NATO?” – the message says.


The representative of the Democratic People’s Party and the Montenegrin politician, Milun Zogovic is also expressed in the defence of opposition resource. According to him, the threat that IN4S receive is the next argument of the totalitarian regime in Montenegro.


In addition to this, the attack on the Serbian edition of the International Agency News Front is carried out at the same time. The article with the documents was published on this website on January 23, 2016.




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