A group of people wounded by Turkish state forces in Cizre a few days ago remain trapped and under attack in the Cudi neighbourhood of the district. 28 people, many of them heavily wounded, and 2 corpses are reported to be in the building.


Two of those wounded in the attcak have died of from their wounds; university student Cihan Karaman last night and an unidentified civilian this morning, while the others are still waiting for an ambulance since yesterday, with the situation of 18 people deteriorating heavily.


The location of the building on Cafer’i Sadık Street has been conveyed to government officials, the district governorship and hospital, with demand for urgent access of casualties to hospital. However state forces have started to target the building with gunfire after information was given to officials.


Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Şırnak deputy Faysal Sarıyıldız who is in Cizre posted the following on his Twitter account regarding the situation; “Wounded people are trapped in the basement of a five-storey red building No:5-7 on Cafer’i Sadık Street in Cudi neighborhood, and waiting to be taken to hospital. The government will be responsible for this crime against humanity if something happens to the civilians whose location we have conveyed. The building is under fire after we conveyed the location to the government.”


In the meantime, an unidentified man has been found dead on a street in the Dicle neighbourhood. The Cizre Municipality ambulance has been sent to the scene to retrieve the body.


Two more lifeless bodies have been found in Dağkapı neighbourhood. The unidentified bodies have been taken to Cizre State Hospital and are expected to be referred to Şırnak for post-mortem examination.




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