In Turkey, in the town of Cizre, the Turkish forces continue the genocide of the Kurds. Over a span of 43 days the Turkish military conducts daily attacks on peaceful neighborhoods.


Thus 28 people remain in the cellar for the third day. 10 of them were injured when an artillery shell hit a residental house three days ago.


Since then, three of the wounded have died: the student Cihan Karaman 2 days ago and two unidentified young men yesterday, the rest are still waiting for an ambulance, the situation is getting worse every hour.


In connection with the fall of the GSM network, currently it remains impossible to communicate with the wounded in the basement of the house on Caferi Sadiq Hill. It is reported that the building in which 28 people still remain stuck is constantly under artillery fire.


According to the data, the police and soldiers are forcibly break into houses in various districts of the city. Some of those houses serve as accommodation for the riot police.




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