As the militants first heard the enormous explosion they rejoiced in the belief that they had successfully shot down one of the Russian jet fighters that had continuously bombed their installations all day, but as the smoke cleared and all the rubble landed, they soon realized that a sea Tochka-U (SS-21 Scarab-B) launched ballistic missile had just taken out their own quite sizeable weapons depot in the area, now effectively hampering their efforts in and around Bab al Hawa.



The Bab al Hawa border crossing in north Aleppo has been under militant control for 4 years and it is well known as a weapons transfer hub for shipments via Turkey. It seems that now with the additional air & ballistic resources at the SAA’s disposal, that the work of the smugglers facilitating the militants in the area, just got that much harder.


bab al hawa depotsbab alhawa border


In the meantime the militants in Sarmada in Northern Idlib Governorate near the Turkish border had a rough day with repeated bombing runs targeting the militant HQ.




Reports of killed and injured are coming out of the area on social media.


Al Masdar