DAVOS – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on Wednesday began his three-day visit to Davos, which is hosting the World Economic Forum, by attending a forum titled From Migration to Integration.


Speaking at the panel, Vucic said that the European migration policy requires changes and that a clear solution is still not in sight, noting that Serbia is just a country on the migrants’ route towards Europe, their final destinations being Germany, Austria and the Scandinavian countries.


People in Serbia have shown great solidarity, there have been no problems, no tear gas – Serbia is used to refugee columns, they have been passing through, or coming to, Serbia over the past hundred years.


I am a son of a Bosnian refugee and today I am the prime minister, Vucic said, noting that new decisions are being made in Europe and that Austria, Germany and Macedonia are slowly closing borders.


A comprehensive, determined EU solution is needed as soon as possible, otherwise there will be great difficulties, Vucic said.