The Turkish army bombarded the headquarters of the Kurdish YPG forces in the border Syrian town of Tell Abyad, according to military sources.


At least two Kurdish militiamen were wounded and three armored vehicles destroyed during the Turkish shelling, reported YPG’s management on Tuesday. The town was retaken by the Kurdish forces in June, during violent clashes with local ISIS militants. Since then, the Turkish frontier guards and army troops 23 times carried out shelling of Kurdish militias.


YPG’s representative Haben Osman says:


“Those attacks can be attributed to the fact that the Turkish side supports caliphate terrorists. When the town was under ISIS control, the Turkish army has never conducted such attacks. However, once the Kurds liberated Tell Abyad, the Turkish troops have repeatedly bombed the city and its suburbs”.


Yesterday, the Turkish police shot “Ambulance” car in the Kurdish area in Turkey.




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