Notorious Suicide Bomber Instructor Killed in Iraq


Muhammed Abd Manaf ar-Raui, who was responsible for training suicide bombers and other terrorists, died in a hospital in the city of Abu-Kamal, the Ministry said.


“An Interior Ministry reconnaissance group announces the death of terrorist Muhammad Abd Manaf ar-Raui who died in Ash-Shifa hospital in the city of Abu-Kamal from wounds sustained during an operation the group carried out on January 7. The deceased was responsible for the training of suicide bombers in Baghdad… and was also sending explosives-laden vehicles to Baghdad and Ramadi where he died on January 13,” the statement said.


The militant, who was on an international wanted list, was believed to be responsible for organizing car bomb attacks in Baghdad and Ramadi, dying in the latter on January 13, according to the statement.


The unstable situation in Iraq has been triggered primarily by the activity of Islamist militants, including Islamic State, which is outlawed in Russia and other countries.


The Islamic State, also known as Daesh, is a terrorist group outlawed in Russia as well as many other countries. The group has seized large areas in Syria and Iraq and declared a caliphate on territories under its control.





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