Claims by Kiev’s representative in the political subgroup Roman Bessmertny to the effect January 1 saw the launch of some new political process called Minsk-3 are incompetent and fundamentally wrong, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said.


“There is the package of documents adopted at the summit meeting of the Normandy Quartet [Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine] in Minsk a year ago,” Zakharova said. “Their impeccable observance is the main task facing all parties involved in the settlement process.”


“The invention of new formats the Ukrainian official mentioned is an entertaining process, no denying that, but it is devoid of any sense when it comes to the implementation of the already assumed commitments,” the diplomat said. “Such loose and subjective interpretation of the agreements signed by the leaders of the four countries (and this is precisely the way for describing what Kiev’s representative stated), merely hinder the settlement process.”