German police arrest two Muslim migrants Sunday, after they staged an anti-Semitic attack on a Jewish man in northern Germany the previous day.


Their victim – a 49-year-old French citizen – was pushed to the floor and robbed at Puttgarden ferry port by the two attackers, who shouted “Yahud” (Arabic for “Jew”), according to the UK’s Jewish News.


His attackers have been identified as Syrian and Afghan nationals respectively. Apart from assaulting their victim, they stole a bag of money, his bank card and cellphone, and a train ticket.


They had reportedly arrived in Denmark along with thousands of others claiming refugee status, but were deported after it was found they lacked the correct paperwork. They were waiting for a train to a refugee center at the time of the robbery.


The attack comes as German officials are facing widespread public outrage and a growing backlash against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy to migrants, following a series of apparently organized, sexual assaults and rapes carried out in public by mobs of Arab immigrants.


Arutz Sheva