Shocking video was shared in the Internet. In Ukraine, during Christmas corporate party in one of the capital’s restaurants was performed a terrifying in its cynicism and hate deed. New Year’s party was held in Kiev entitled #BackStab.


Ukrainian “patriots”-russophobes decided to act out an episode, theatricalizing an execution of Russian pilot shot down in the skies over Syria. Under the cries of “Glory to Ukraine” and the peculiar to ISIS* musical accompaniment (music – Nasheed) man in embroidered shirt held a knife at a throat of a kneeling man thereby mimicking the world-famous footage of numerous executions that were carried out and are continuing to carry out by the terrorists. 


“The same will be with every Russian, who will come to our land. And I suggest you to have fun and be more gleeful than this Russian”, – addressed to the audience one of the organizers, wearing an armband with the image of a stylized swastika.


*ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) – banned in the Russian Federation terrorist organization.




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