The US independent media portal wrote about the unsuccessful new sanctions against Russia. Almost all Western media continue to claim that Russia is a threat to the United States, and that every effort should be made to prevent the Kremlin from taking over the situation on the world political arena. This explains the introduction of the new sanctions against Russia. But in fact, this policy of Washington against Moscow is disastrous for the United States itself first of all, as it is obvious that the restrictions are completely useless against the state, which is not going to change either its foreign or internal policies under pressure from the Western powers. But the US and European economic interests have suffered because of the sanctions, and it is an indisputable fact according to many analysts.


According to the IMF, economic growth in Russia is already expected in 2016, even with low oil prices, due to the fact that the Kremlin is skillfully concluding favorable agreements with new partners. Of course, the sanctions against individuals brought some inconvenience to the Russian elite, but, in general, such a measure does not affect the policies of the Kremlin. That is, in fact, the American politicians and journalists are practicing wishful thinking when they say that the sanctions will have long-term effects.


In addition, the sanctions to some extent have allowed the Russian government to consolidate society, to refocus the economy on domestic production, and the rating of the president of the Russian Federation has reached record levels. Despite the best efforts of the Western media and leaders to discredit Russia, such steps have a very short-term effect, because somehow it becomes obvious that Russia is not going to give up its positions to either the US or Europe.




The US analytical publication The Washington Examiner wrote that the French president may become a mediator in the relationship between Russia and the United States. Now French President Francois Hollande has two main objectives – to protect his country and try to establish a more intense relationship between the US and Russia. After the meeting between Hollande and Putin it was reported that the parties agreed on expanding cooperation between Russia and the 65 countries of the Western coalition to resolve the conflict in Syria.


Hollande said that Russia ‘is ready to work with the Western countries’ against Daesh. However, for the United States, such statements appeared to have no meaning. US officials continue to say that Russia is not seen as a team player as long as it supports Bashar al-Assad as president of Syria, which is disadvantageous for America.


The split between Washington and Moscow continues and is becoming more and more serious and threatening. That is why the efforts of the French president are very important for the world community as a whole. In addition, Hollande’s attempts to become a link between Russia and America once again confirm the intention of Europe to cooperate with the Kremlin not only in the economic, but also in the strategic sector, which is extremely important at a time when international terrorism threatens the entire world community.




The Voice of America wrote that Russia is becoming a mediator in the dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Moscow is ready to offer its assistance in resolving the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which began after  Riyadh executed the prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr. According to many analysts, Russia can play a very important role in resolving this dispute, as it is the only political player in the region which is seen by both sides as being without bias.


Of course, Riyadh sees Russia as a partner of Iran and is still wary of the Kremlin’s initiative, but the situation in the Middle East is extremely acute, and that is why the efforts of all the interested parties are required to de-escalate tensions. Russia’s Foreign Ministry urged Tehran and Riyadh to engage in dialogue, as well as the Gulf States, as the only possible way out of this situation is a diplomatic solution.


A struggle for leadership in the Middle East has long been fought between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but today it has reached its peak. In this situation, the task of the entire international community is to prevent the emergence of yet another source of tension in the Middle East. That is why Russia is making all necessary efforts to ensure that talks between Tehran and Riyadh begin and yield results.




The US magazine Newsweek wrote about the rapprochement between Japan and Russia. Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has called for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure that the parties can reach an amicable agreement, which is lacking due to the ongoing dispute over four islands that historically belonged to Japan.


Since Abe took office in 2012, Japan has been trying to establish diplomatic relations with Russia despite the historical differences between the two countries. According to the Japanese leader, Russia should play a constructive role in the fight against international terrorism in Syria and Iraq, and in this regard Moscow is strongly supported by Tokyo. Such a step towards rapprochement on the part of Japan is yet another proof that Russia is an extremely important political player in the world and more and more countries recognize the need for cooperation with the Kremlin.




The Iranian Fars News Agency wrote that Iran is ready to replace Arab countries and Turkey to export products to Russia. Iranian producers are ready to start exporting agricultural and food products to Russia after a number of Arab countries broke off official relations with Iran. This decision will open the vast Russian market to the Iranian Republic, while the Arab countries, by refusing Iranian products, have closed themselves off from many of the economic opportunities associated with Iranian imports.


For Russia, this cooperation with Iran is extremely beneficial after the ban on Turkish imports. Over the past ten years Iran and Russia have expanded cooperation on key regional and global issues, as well as in the political and economic sphere. In the first three months of 2015 a 10% rise was recorded in turnover between the two countries compared to the same period in 2014.


The decision to expand exports of Iranian goods to Russia will be another step toward strengthening relations between the two countries, which cannot but worry the Western nations. However, in this case the United States and Europe will have to accept the fact that, despite some political isolation of Russia and Iran from the West, the political and economic influence of Tehran and Moscow continue to grow, largely due to competent foreign policies and the successful partnership of the two countries.


Vestnik Kavkaza