North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un personally signed the order three weeks ago authorizing Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test, calling for 2016 to kick off with the “thrilling sound” of a hydrogen bomb explosion.


Kim Jong-Un


The North said Wednesday it had conducted its first “successful” miniaturized hydrogen bomb test – a shock announcement that drew condemnation from its neighbors including its major ally China.


The news was broadcast on state television, which also showed a copy of Kim’s initial signed order dated Dec. 15.


“Let’s begin the year of 2016 … with the thrilling sound of our first hydrogen bomb explosion, so that the whole world will look up to our socialist, nuclear-armed republic and the great Workers’ Party of Korea!” Kim wrote in a handwritten message next to his signature.


The television also showed a second order dated Jan. 3 in which Kim signed off his final approval for the test to be conducted on Jan. 6.




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