The Saudi warplanes may have indiscriminately bombarded the Yemeni capital of Sanaa on Tuesday, but they were unable to forestall the Houthis advance in southern Yemen after a tense day of fighting all around the country.


According to Al-Masdar’s Yemeni War journalist – Tony Toh – the Houthis captured the small village of Al-Huwaymi in the Al-Lajh Governorate of southern Yemen; this led to their eventual advance to the nearby town of Kirsh, which is also in the same province.


With southern Yemen becoming a major battle between the Houthis and the Hadi loyalists, the northern front has turned into a war between two armies: the Saudi Royal Army and the Yemeni Republican Guard.


However, despite superiority in weapons, the Saudi-Coalition Forces have suffered defeat after defeat in southern Saudi Arabia, as the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard continues to advance north.


On Tuesday, Tony Toh reported a number of casualties for the Saudi-led Coalition Forces near the Yemeni-Saudi border-city of Al-Khubah in the Jizan Region; these casualties are taking a toll on the Saudi Army’s morale after several setbacks.


Al Masdar