The Syrian army air force destroyed last night a position for “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorist organization and killed all terrorists who were inside it at Jarjanaz village in the eastern countryside of Maarat al-Nu’aman in Idleb province.




A military source told SANA Sunday that the air strike came after reports of a gathering of Nusra terrorists in a position in Jarjanaz village affirming that a self-claimed leader of Jabhat al- Nusra terrorist Mohammad Khaled al-Sheikh, nicknamed Abu al-Baraa and terrorists Mohammad Abbas, nicknamed al-Qaqaa and Mohammad Suleiman were among the dead in the airstrike.




Army units intensified firing against terrorists’ dens and supply routes in the villages of Tal Jebeen, Tal Meseybeen, Shwehene, Maaret Artiq and Shimaeya in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
The army fires destroyed positions and heavy-machine gun equipped vehicles as well as killing and injuring most of terrorists were inside dens.
Terrorists acknowledged on their social media pages killing many of their personnel including Saudi terrorist ‘Abu al-Muthana’ nichnamed “Al-Tawaq”.
In the eastern countryside of the province, army units inflicted heavy losses upon ISIS personnel and equipments in Rasm al-Kama village.
In Aleppo city, an army unit killed and injured terrorists, in a special operation, in the neighborhood of al-Halwaniya.
Earlier Saturday Army units established control over Harrouf village and Tal Shareeh to the east of Aleppo,some 50 Km from the city after killing and killing and injuring a big numbers of ISIS terrorists.




17 Al-Nusra terrorists killed in Daraa province


The army and armed forces killed, in special operations, during the past 24 hours gatherings of Takfiri Terrorist Organizations which are affiliated to Israeli enemy.


An army unit destroyed a den and a gathering of Takfiri terrorists with all terrorists inside as well as their equipment and weapons at Nazheen Camp in Daraa Balad.
Meanwhile field sources confirmed that Army engineering personnel conducted a special operation against two dens where terrorists were using in targeting military posts at Kafar Shams town in the northern countryside of Daraa.
The mentioned sources affirmed that some 17 terrorists were killed in the operation while others were injured.
For their part, terrorist organizations acknowledged killing a number of their members including Suleiman al-Jaffal, Usama Nassouh, and Ahmed Khaled al-Hamdan from al –Nusra terrorist organizations.






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