Sources in the U. S. are high on the “opinion” that “the United States and Russia have agreed on the next phase of Syria relating to the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and the settlement of the military situation of the allies of the United States in the region who consist of the largest number of organizations financed by the very states in the region who were brought to the table”.


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The sources said “Russia and America have agreed on a principle that entitles President Assad himself to be nominated, if he wants to run, in the upcoming elections. Russia already stated the requirement of the recognition of the legitimacy of Assad from the international community and, consequently, to ensure that no prosecution in the future or charge (war criminal) will happen to him, and then it’s Assad himself who will decide if he wants to proceed with his candidacy or not.


Russia asked Assad if he wants to contest the election and if he is confident of a victory, he replied in the affirmative, and agreed with the Russian and American parties that the principle of elections and candidates should respect the Syrian people solely and will not be a source of attraction between Syria and countries in the region. The international community should not be working to bring down Assad through the ballot box”.


Sources confirm that “it was agreed that the next prime minister of Syria, whatever the results of presidential elections, is a person approved by the parties, a (London) businessman who is known to represent the moderate opposition and will have two important main drafts of a new constitution for the country, and will start the reconstruction and national reconciliation process, but we are well aware of the difficulty of the cease-fire and attempts of the takfiri Salafi organizations to reject reconciliation, such as “the Nusra Front” and “Ahrar al-Sham” and others, but we have agreed to consider all those who reject the cease-fire, under UN auspices, an enemy and target of an important project and a recipient of funding with political motives in the region”.


According to sources, “America confirmed to Russia it needs some time to integrate the different organizations working under different banners to persuade them to agree to a cease fire, and in order to control the factions that want to continue to fight, it is possible for a term to be agreed upon of a few months to achieve this basic requirement to prepare for the elections. But Russia stressed that the military operations against the extremists and all those who are fighting in the ranks of al-Qaeda or (Daesh) is the main goal of the project and they will remain in Syria to eliminate them all”.





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