6 ISIS militants killed by artillery strike in Ramadi


A security source in Anbar province said on Tuesday, that an artillery force belonging to the Anti-Terrorism Forces had managed to destroy two ISIS shelters and kill six ISIS militants in the neighborhood of al-Dobat in central Ramadi.


The source reported “The army’s 8th brigade participated alongside the Anti-Terrorism Forces in operations to retake the neighborhoods of Ramadi from ISIS,” pointing out that, “The artillery force of the brigade supported the Anti-Terrorism Forces in the neighborhoods located in central Ramadi, by targeting the shelters and gatherings of the ISIS organization.”


The source, who requested anonymity, also added, “An Abrams tank belonging to the 8th brigade shelled one of the ISIS shelters in the southern axis of Ramadi, resulting in the killing of 6 ISIS elements.”


19 ISIS elements including senior leader killed in aerial bombing north of Tikrit


On Tuesday, a source in the joint operations announced, that 19 elements of ISIS organization including a senior leader, were killed in an aerial bombardment north of Tikrit (170 km north of Baghdad), while indicated to the destruction of five vehicles belonging to the organization.


The source said in a statement “The Air Force planes, based on intelligence information, carried out an air strike on ISIS gatherings in Makhoul Mountains north of Salahuddin, killing 19 elements including the organization’s senior leader Abu Abdullah al-Shishani,” pointing out that, “ISIS elements were preparing to attack the military units as well as al-Hashed al-Shaabi fighters in the region.”


The source added, “The bombardment also resulted in the destruction of five vehicles belonging to the organization.”


12 ISIS elements killed in rocket attack in Bashiqa


Nineveh – on Tuesday, the Peshmerga forces in Mosul announced, that 12 ISIS elements were killed in a rocket attack on an asphalt plant used as a hideout by the elements of ISIS in Bashiqa north of Mosul Province.


KDP spokesman in Mosul Saeed Mumozini said, “The Peshmerga forces in the center of Bashiqa north of Mosul targeted a group of ISIS elements in an asphalt plant in Bashiqa and managed to destroy it completely, killing 12 of ISIS elements.”


Security forces kill 17 ISIS elements in Hasiba, Anbar


Al-Anbar – The commander of the Rapid Intervention Forces, Gen. Tamer Ismail, announced on Tuesday the killing of 17 ISIS elements as well as the destruction of 17 shelters for the organization by a rockets attack in eastern Hasiba in Anbar Province.


Ismail said in a brief statement “A force belonging to the Rapid Intervention Forces had managed to kill 17 ISIS elements and detonate 12 explosive devices in eastern Hasiba in Anbar,” noting that, “The Karrar Rockets Battalion was able to destroy 17 shelters and a vehicle that was carrying a mono-gun in the same area.”