Since September 30, the Russian air group has performed 4201 combat sorties, among them –145 ones have been carried out by the strategic missile-carrying and long-range bomber aviation. Bomb strikes are made on main infrastructural objects, concentrations of military hardware and manpower of militants.


Sergei Rudskoy


In the course of the last several weeks, the intensiveness of strikes on the positions of the ISIS and other terrorist groupings has been increased.


The Russian aviation continues undermining terrorists’ sources of income in Syria – that is one of the priorities.


For this purpose, just in the last three days, 6 objects of militants’ illegal oil production as well as 7 automobile columns with crude oil and oil products have been destroyed.


Since the beginning of the operation, the Russian aviation has eliminated over 1200 such tanker trucks.


The Syrian Armed Forces supported by the Russian aviation continue offensive operation along all the frontline, the most severe combat actions were in the Latakia, Aleppo, Hama, and Homs provinces as well as in the suburbs of Damascus.


Terrorists’ formations are suffering heavy losses.


Ministry of Defence




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