According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Berlin is taking all necessary steps in the fight against  Daesh terrorists. The German Bundestag recently approved the deployment of Bundeswehr forces in Syria as a part of international counterrorism efforts.




Russian expert Alexander Galkin, however, views Merkel’s decision to oppose the US proposal as an attempt to strengthen its own image in Germany. According to Galkin, Merkel is rapidly losing political clout in her own country, and therefore decided to demonstrate her independence from Washington.

“Merkel […] is trying to distance herself from negative perceptions of her in Germany, to demonstrate that she is not a puppet in the hands of the United States,” Galkin said in an exclusive interview with Radio Sputnik.


“The fact is that her political career has entered a phase of decline. If she had resigned a year ago, she would have remained in German history not only as the first female chancellor, but as an outstanding Chancellor, whom one, to some extent, could compare to Bismarck. Now she is losing this image,” the expert stated.


According to Galkin, Merkel is unlikely to resign in the near future. But there are doubts about her future political run. As earlier reported by US think tank Stratfor, the myth of Angela Merkel as an “infallible leader” has already been destroyed. The German population has started to doubt Merkel’s power and sensed that the Chancellor had begun losing control over the political situation.


Galkin argues that Merkel would be able to prove her independence from the US if she wanted to do so. The US would be displeased with this, but wouldn‘t be able to exert pressure on the Chancellor.

“Of course, Merkel would not seriously break up with the United States, while undertaking this PR campaign,” the expert said. “I think that the United States will have to swallow this pill, but at the same time will remember it well,” he added.

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