By Alexander Zhilin


In times of confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Pact to join the North-Atlantic Alliance was almost impossible. Statute involves a number of prerequisites, one of them – the absence of territorial claims and conflicts in the country applying for membership. Thus everyone was lined up in a long queue, which did not budge. 


Today everything has changed: military-political bloc forcefully drives anyone into their ranks itself. Whereby it does not matter, whether those countries satisfy the requirements of the bloc’s statute or not. In fact, even today there’re no criteria for admission of new members. Washington is guided only by expediency.


A fresh example is Montenegro. Without rhyme or reason Brussels began to draw it into its ranks. The country has neither any military capability nor the advanced economies. That is, frankly subsidized facility for NATO. The people are strongly against membership in the bloc. It would seem, why on earth such a large organization needs such a ballast? 


To answer this question, we must understand the transformation that occurred with the North-Atlantic Alliance. After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union, NATO began to rapidly move towards our eastern borders by admission into their ranks bulk of the former socialist countries. Or, in the terminology of Washington, countries-plebeians. During this period, NATO was divided into two categories of countries: the first and the second…


Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc. are countries-plebeians, whose national security is of no concern to Brussels. Nobody would argue that in the case of, for example, the military conflict between Russia and Lithuania, NATO’s first category states would enter in a war. After the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the Eastern European countries were taken into the alliance with only one goal: come as close as possible to our borders, to place weaponry on their territories and significantly reduce flight time of missiles to our strategic targets. As a result, this goal was achieved.


And what now worries NATO, why do it need Montenegro, Georgia and other third-rate participants? And here is why. Russia in the past year and a half has demonstrated its considerable military potential. Firstly, in numerous large-scale maneuvers, and then in a real combat situations in Syria. Stunning strikes by cruise missiles from the sea, from the air and land have shown that, in particular, we have powerful non-nuclear deterrent force. 


As far as NATO troops are very close to our borders, we had to change our military doctrine. In particular, there is a directive that in the case of a real military threat to the country we are entitled to pre-emptive strike at the enemy. And this is very serious.


Immediately after that amendment in our military doctrine Brussels quickly began to form from the countries-plebeians zone of the first blow for Russia. Those countries are inflated by armored vehicles, the army, (Poland was even offered to prelocate nuclear weapons, making it suicide bomber ahead of time) becoming a targets for Russian warheads.


It is noteworthy that the tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and other armored trash are deployed to the east from the first category countries – Germany, for example… That is, the main countries of the alliance as if hidden behind potential suicide bombers. Pulling Montenegro into its ranks, bypassing the people’s opinion, NATO only adds another target for Russian missiles, nothing more. Georgia will be the next. Work began with Azerbaijan…


Whether the leaders of countries-plebeians understand, that they made their peoples actual suiciders in the case of war? Yes, understand. But they have already received their 30 pieces of silver for betraying. In addition, they were given guarantees that in the right moment Special Forces of Alliance (something like EMERCOM) will evacuate the plebs leaders from the Russian blow. Well, only few now are interested in nations. 


I note only that Hussein had also received absolute guarantees of his security from Washington. Hadn’t time to utter a word, he found himself in the loop…


Translated by Catherine Nollan




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