LIVE: “No to NATO!” Massive opposition rally on December 12, 2015 in Montenegro


News Front is broadcasting the event from Podgorica, Montenegro. People took to streets to make a stand against association of Montenegro into NATO after it got official invitation to join the alliance



A mass rally “No to NATO” begins at Podgorica. People protest against the country’s joining the military alliance. This is the first major event after December 2, when NATO member states decided to send an invitation to Montenegro to join the alliance. Despite mass protests and the results of surveys in which at least two-thirds of the Montenegrins oppose membership in NATO, government gratefully accepted the invitation, and within a year or two Montenegro is at risk of becoming a member of a hostile military alliance.


To estimate the number of audience is difficult, but it is precisely measured by thousands of people, and that says a lot in a small Montenegro. In the crowd could be seen many posters with anti-war and anti-NATO slogans as well as fluttering flags of Serbia.