Earlier today, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) made heavy gains inside the city of Daraa leaving them in striking distance of the old Daraa border-crossing with Jordan which is commonly referred to as the Al-Jamrak Crossing.


Thus, government troops were able to impose full control over the al-Manshiyah district whilst simultaneously pushing south along the M5-Highway and capturing several buildings inside the Daraa al-Balad quarter.


Islamist rebels still remain in control of both major border-crossings with Jordan, Nassib (captured in April, 2015) and Daraa (seized in October, 2013). Nevertheless, the SAA has also managed to enter the strategic town of Sheikh Meskin as of November this year leaving the armed regional opposition in an uncertain position.


With today’s advances inside Daraa, the government has now established control of the majority of the city. If the SAA was to capture the border-crossing, they would be able to halt the flow of weapons and manpower supplied to the opposition from Jordan.


Al Masdar