US Vice President Joseph Biden during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine proposed to divide the country into “states”, which will have their own independent government and solve their own problems. 


“It is important to have autonomous, independent states that solve their own problems, determine their own educational system, the government in the framework of the united Constitution”, – said an American politician.


According to him, such a process was repeatedly tested in Europe and in no way threatens the sovereignty of the country, as well as doesn’t reject the democratic principles. Biden called on the Ukrainian authorities to strengthen the fight against corruption, stressing that just to organize the Bureau on struggle against the “cancer” – is not enough.


Creating autonomical states, as told Biden, is like Russia’s initiative on Ukrainian federalization. In Moscow’s opinion, only such a transformation of the country will keep the state within its present borders. Ukrainian authorities have categorically denied the idea, insisting on decentralization of regions, which means a lower level of autonomy.




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