The Military Committee, created under the CSTO Minister of Defence Council, is to be held in Moscow on December 9.


The participants are to discuss a wide range of issues that deal with challenges and threats to the military security in the CSTO area of responsibility, high priority measures to enhance the CSTO Collective Forces towards the strengthening of the Organization’s military potential as well as the counterterrorist operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria.


The CSTO Secretary General, the Chiefs of General Staff of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Russian Federation and Tajikistan are to take part in the Military Committee session.


The Military Committee session is to be conducted under the leadership of the Committee’s Chairman, Chief of the General Staff of Armenian Forces Colonel General Yuri Khachaturov.


This Military Committee session will be the seventh since the formation. The created system allows the Chiefs of General Staff of CSTO member countries to define a solution approach that would effectively contribute to the development and deepening of military cooperation within the Organization.


Ministry of Defence




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