Movement against the country’s membership in NATO is growing in Italy, which received new impetus after the scandalous decision on the invitation of Montenegro to join the alliance. 


No to Nato


On December 5, in Catania (Sicily) was held a meeting of the “No to War – No to NATO” Committee. Participants of the meeting unanimously approved a resolution which recognized that the expansion of NATO is not serving the interests of Italy and Europe, moreover it leads to World War III.


According to participants, the decision of NATO invitation of Montenegro to negotiations on membership in the alliance only adds fuel to the fire that is about to flame out in Europe. This step confirms that the current US strategy is further exacerbating of conflict with Russia and surrounding it with foreign enemies.


Despite the fact that Montenegro has a very small size and, at first glance, does not pose a serious threat, it is noted that the country plays an important strategic role. Montenegro has ports that could be used for military purposes in the Mediterranean Sea and large modernized underground bunkers, allowing NATO forces to store a huge amount of ammunition, including nuclear weapons.


Committee members noted that the majority of Montenegrins are clearly against the accession of their country to the aggressive military bloc. The Americans, however, skillfully use state leader Milo Djukanovic, who brutally suppresses all opposition protests. Djukanovic’s position is clear – no longer even Europol (the EU police force) has recognized that he has a direct relevance to the organization of transit point for drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe in his country. Anyway, because of him this former Yugoslav republic has long had a bad reputation of large “laundry” for money laundering. 


“After NATO included Warsaw Pact countries, the three former Soviet republics, and two of the former Yugoslavia, the North Atlantic Alliance doesn’t intend to stop and now have a propose to capture Montenegro. And then will be the annexation of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Ukraine and other countries, to as close as possible get access to Russia, locating on captured territories own weapons, including nuclear ones”, – said in a resolution. As a result, Europe is again in front of dangerous prospect of being the scene of hostilities. 


Members of the Committee adopted an appeal, which called for the mobilization of Italy’s withdrawal from NATO supporters and the proclamation of neutrality. Activists citing Article 11 of the Constitution, which clearly states that Italy rejects war as encroachment on freedom of other peoples. “We call on the European and anti-NATO movement to join our struggle for the peaceful future of Europe”, – the statement says.


The Committee has also expressed its solidarity with the movements and the citizens of Montenegro, who courageously struggle against the threat to national sovereignty by NATO.


Catherine Nollan




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