“CyberBerkut”: Qatar buy up Soviet aerial bombs through Ukraine


The hackers team “CyberBerkut” continues to analyze mail of  Polish “Level 11” arms company head Paul Witold Kzhykovskiy. They have found out that the company “Spetstechnoexport” regularly cooperates with the “Level 11” on brokering arms sales to other countries. 


At this time in the hands of programmers were evidences of possible deliveries of Soviet bombs to Qatar from Ukraine.




“As it turned out, in addition to anti-aircraft guns, the delegation of Qatari Ministry of Defense was interested in the possibility of purchasing the big party of Soviet-made bombs. And, judging by A.Pashinskiy letter (Director of the STE Department) to the head of the Polish company “Level 11”, the representatives of Qatar are ready to buy bombs at a price significantly higher than the market propose. Obviously, the question is really urgent, because “OFAB 250-270″ costs around $700 a piece”, – stated in a statement on their website.


The project of end-user certificate pointed at Qatari Ministry of Defense as the recipient, “Spetstechnoexport” as an exporter and “Level 11” as an importer. At the same time there is an additional line “agent”, which listed the Cyprus offshore company «Blessway Ltd», which manages by V.Babitsky.




Hackers were puzzled by a question, that bombs do not fall under the standards of Qatari Air Force and are likely to be used not for their intended purpose. At the same time, Qatari Ministry of Defence is crucially interested in the fact that the ammunition must be of Soviet origin. 


“We can not exclude the possibility that this ammunition in an amazing way may appear in Syria and explode in some lively place to then accuse Russia of bombing the civilian population”, – believe “CyberBerkut” employees’.