Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that “the decision that had been made on a military operation in Syria came on the basis of an official request by the legitimate Syrian authorities and the Russian military in Syria are fighting for their country and destroying terrorists far away from Russia.”




“In Syria, our Armed Forces are first of all fighting for Russia, it is security of our people that they are defending,” Putin said in his annual State of the Nation addressing the Federal Assembly on Thursday, noting that the Russian army and fleet had convincingly demonstrated their military efficiency and growing capabilities.


Putin expressed confidence that efforts of one country are not enough to defeat international terrorism, saying “It is impossible to defeat international terrorism through efforts of just one country, especially in conditions when the borders in the world are practically open, and the world is going through a new resettlement of peoples.”


Putin noted that “there is an urgent need for presenting a common international front in the struggle against terrorism under the auspices of the United Nations,” affirming that”Russia cannot allow any criminal, bloody business with terrorism.”


The Russian President accused Ankara of supporting terrorists saying “We know who in Turkey makes money and allows terrorists to make profit.”


He held Turkey fully responsible for downing the Russian warplane over the Syrian territories, stressing that Russia will react on killing the two Russian military personnel in a responsible form.




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