The power in Montenegro doesn’t change for quarter of a century, in fact, it has developed a one-party system with the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists there. It is headed by Milo Djukanovic, who is 26 years at the helm of the Montenegro either as a president or as the prime minister.


Djukanovic considers one of his main achievements is the declaration of Montenegrin independence in 2006 and doesn’t get tired to assert the correctness of this decision, allegedly there could be seen increase of the economy, wages and inflow of investments. However, those stories are good only for the Western partners that the current PM is trying to show in every way, saying he is worthy to take a place on EU and NATO Olympus.


In fact, half of the population lives below the absolute poverty, unemployment and corruption exponentialy prospers. The gap between rich and poor increases and, as a consequence, increases public discontent with the policy of ruling elite.


People’s anger is quite understandable. While the Montenegrins are counting the last penny, their irremovable leader continue to enrich himself. “Unremitting toil” even managed Djukanovic to enter the list of the richest politicians of Europe. His wealth is estimated at $15 million, but the people say this figure is ten times more. Meanwhile, according to the declaration of income and property of the PM, he lives modestly and has only one apartment. But who will believe in this when we know that Djukanovic has secret bank accounts in Cyprus and Switzerland.


In career history of the PM is itemized organtrafficing during the Serbian war in 1999, cigarette smuggling, financial fraud and criminal offenses. For this “business” not only the Montenegrin, but also foreign law enforcement agencies were trying to bring Djukanovic to justice. However, due to the integrity guarantee and well-established relations in government, he always evaded responsibility.


In addition, corruption in Montenegro has become widespread. Crimes are not investigated, examination of cases delayed, and absolve as a final result. Djukanovic’s eloquent statements about the positive results of the corruption fight and reforms are aimed exclusively at EU and NATO officials, where he aggressively pulling the country.


It goes without saying, that Montenegrin population is tired of such “active” head. It dreams of government changing, social justice and the welfare instead of surviving in the country, ruled by a mafia and dubious benefits of possible NATO and EU membership.


Djukanovic, however, do not care about Montenegrins opinion and aspirations, he tries to butter up European and American “friends” and is ready to sacrifice national interests and historical ties. In addition, PM continues to blink at failures of his policy, as recognition of the chosen course fallacy would imply recognition of the uselessness and ineffectiveness of entire leadership of the country. Djukanovic is afraid to lose power and control over the situation in the state, and those fears have begun to become reality. From weakness Montenegrin PM gave an order to harshly break up mass protests in Podgorica and frantically looks round to the West for support… and to the East, but this time not for help, but in order to find an external enemy in the face of Russia and accuse her in his failures.


Catherine Nollan




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