Serbia’s foreign minister and first deputy PM, who also serves as OSCE chairperson, said that the international order should be based on principles and not only on political interests.


“The world in which we live is very easy to destroy, but hard to preserve and defend its principles. This is also the case with Serbia when it comes to its territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Dacic said, addressing the “Yalta-Potsdam-Helsinki-Belgrade” conference.


He noted that during an the OSCE meeting in Vienna that discussed Ukraine Western countries harshly criticized the Russian Federation accusing it of undermined the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine, while ambassadors of Albania and the United States demanded at the same time that Kosovo becomes a member of the OSCE.


Kosovo is Serbia’s southern province where ethnic Albanians in 2008 unilaterally declared independence, something that Serbia considers a violation of its territorial integrity and Constitution.


“So where are the principles? When it comes to UNESCO, the United States four years ago stood against the admission of Palestine into the organization, but was now in favor of admitting Kosovo,” the foreign minister noted, in reference to Pristina’s failed bid to join UNESCO.


According to Dacic, this means there are no more principles – only political interests.


“We must all be aware of that and make an effort so that, in all this, international order is based on some principles. If there are no principles, then we all depend on how much key players on the international political scene like us,” said Dacic.


He also “underlined the high level of cooperation of Serbia with Russia” and thanked Belarus for the support in the country’s effort to preserve its territorial integrity and sovereignty, Tanjug reported.