Turkey has moved 20 tanks and 18 fighter jets to her border with Syria as tensions with Russia continue.


Military sources from Turkey said the tanks were moved by rail to an armored brigade at the western border with Syria.

Reports also say 18 fighter jets were sent on a patrol exercise near the border.

A military source told Turkey’s Anadolu agency: “Accompanied by police and gendarmes, 20 tanks were sent by rail from Turkey’s western provinces by railway to Gaziantep in the south of the country, and then redirected to the Syrian border.”

Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet on Tuesday morning close to the Syrian border leading to a crisis between the two countries.

Russia yesterday started bombing Syrian rebels in the area close to where its fighter jets was shot down.

Missiles have been fired from Russian warships in the Mediterranean and fighter jets have also been launching raids in Syria’s Latakia province.

At least 12 airstrikes hit Latakia’s northern countryside, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

A Turkmen commander said missiles fired from Russian warships in the Mediterranean were also hitting the area, as well as heavy artillery shelling.

It comes one day after a Russian warplane was shot down by Turkey causing a crisis between the two countries.

Hassan Haj Ali, the head of Liwa Suqour al-Jabal, a rebel group operating in western Syria, also said there were fierce battles in the area, with Russian aircraft supporting pro-government forces; standardmedia reported.