Oslo, Nov. 25 – While NATO members are mobilized to fight the terrorist organization “Islamic State” Turkey had “washed hands of” and even forbid to cross its territory. 


This was announced by the Norwegian political scientist and author Bjørn Nystad. 


According to him, by downing a Russian bomber Turkey eloquently expressed its support for ISIS militants, thus the country could be excluded from NATO.


“NATO has repeatedly stated that it will deal with Islamic terrorists, in this way, Turkey, as the closest to Syria member of alliance could join the operation. Instead, it prohibits foreign combat fighters, including members of NATO and antiterrorist coalition to cross its airspace, while itself is also doesn’t want to be involved in this operation”, – says Nystad.


According to him, it is unlikely that Turkey has decided to start a war directly with Russia.


If it was a French plane on the spot of Russian Su-24, it would have suffered the same fate. 


“This gives NATO the right to exclude Turkey from the alliance. In addition, there are still no clear evidences that the plane was shot down just over the Turkish territory”, – writes the Norwegian political scientist.


He stressed that Turkey supports the rebels at least buying cheap oil from terrorists, supplying arms to Syria and oppressing the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria, which, incidentally, is also fighting against terrorists. Calling NATO council, the Turkish authorities tried to put themselves guiltless in the wreck of the Russian Su-24.


“It looks as if it takes off the responsibility for the incident, shifting it on the shoulders of coalition. Occurred case can only be a reason to exclude it from the coalition”, – said Nystad.


However, the political scientist noted that not all NATO members by no means will stand to the Turkey protection from Russia.


“Turkish President Erdoğan is different from other presidents of NATO member countries by his authoritativeness, compared to him Belarusian leader Lukashenko is much more democratic. At the same time, representative of the United States can stand to Turkey’s protection. Against this background, it will look at least doubtful that Americans are fighting against ISIS – if the Turks know that the US is opposed to terrorists, they would have hardly started to shoot down planes of countries struggling with ISIS”, – claimed the analyst.


The political scientist also expressed the hope that, despite all attempts by the US to expose Russia as an aggressor and false reports of civilian casualties from Russian air strikes, NATO will be able to realistically assess the situation and to punish Turkey for the downed Russian jet.


Translated by Catherine Nollan




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