Three Russian journalists, two RT correspondents and one from TASS news agency, have sustained injuries on Tuesday after their press convoy was shelled on the Turkish-Syrian border, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.


One of the reporters sustained serious injuries after a missile exploded near a car carrying RT crew members near the frontline in government-held territory.


RT’s Roman Kosarev, who sustained a concussion, said that the press convoy was hit by an anti-tank missile coming from a terrorist-controlled area some 2.5 km away.


RT published video shot by its journalist from a white vehicle driving up a hillside, passing shelled-out buildings and waved on by armed men before an explosion flips the car and the cameraman clambers out.


“Currently the whole group of Russian journalists has returned to the Hmeimim air base, where the wounded are getting medical care,” the DM statement said.


Al Manar