A quarter century ago, the West was able to knock us down. The Great Soviet Union collapsed. Millions of people, brutally and cynically deceived by foreign enemy and its internal agents of influence were plunged into chaos of wild “market” capitalism and into the abyss of bloody ethnic conflicts and wars.


But then we have lost not only our enormous country wrecked on fifteen “independent” states. We have lost our friends, brothers and partners from Eastern European republics, throwing them at the mercy of Anglo-Saxons.


Today Russia is like a phoenix, reborned from ash of humiliations and betrayals. It managed to defend the sacred rights of sovereignty and forced the world, as before, to be reckoned with it.


Russia openly declares that its national interests extend far beyond it. That it has friends and allies who can be sure of it.


We, the informational agency “News Front” are soldiers-volunteers of information front, fighting an unequal battle against the cynical lies, deceit, manipulation and misinformation – ie against such weapons of mass destruction, which the West wages against us all in an invasive colonial war of a new type.


Starting with the truth about the “Russian Spring” in Crimea, with the coverage of bloody events in the Donbass, we decided not to stop when seeing a keen interest and support of our viewers and readers not only in Russia and Ukraine.


Since the autumn of 2015, in the framework of the agency, were added Serbian and Bulgarian editors offices to already existing English and German staffs. Besides the translations of texts, movies and programs, anti-fascist volunteers regularly publish their own unique materials about the life of their countries and the fight of ‘healthy’ forces of society against informational, economic and political colonization.


Only by uniting and standing shoulder to shoulder we will be able to protect ourselves against modern slavery and to defend the right to be free people. The right to a free life.


Written by Sergei Veselovsky

Translated by Catherine Nollan