One civilian was killed and 18 others were injured on Monday in terrorist mortar attacks which targeted areas in Daraa, Damascus, and Damascus Countryside provinces.


In Daraa, terrorists positioned in al-Nazihin Camp neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad area in Daraa city fired a mortar shell at al-Matar neighborhood in the city, killing one woman and causing material damage.


Meanwhile in Damascus Countryside, 10 civilians were injured by four mortar rounds fired by “Jaish al-Islam” terrorist organization on the residential area of al-Wafidin Camp. The attack also caused material damage to homes, stores, and cars.


A medical source at Qtaifa National Hospital said the 10 people injured in the attack were rushed to the hospital on Monday, and that one of them is a three-year-old girl.


In Damascus city, 8 people were injured after terrorists fired three mortar shells at the residential neighborhood of Bab Touma and the commercial district of al-Thawra Street. The attack also damaged a number of cars.