Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said the attempt by “some members of the Council” to block the document submitted in September, is “politically shortsighted”


Russia will push for the soonest possible adoption of its draft resolution on the fight against terrorism in the United Nations Security Council despite the adoption of a France-proposed document, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the global organization Vitaly Churkin said Friday.


He said the attempt by “some members of the Council” to block the document submitted for the Security Council consideration in September is “politically shortsighted”.


“It’s impossible to fight terrorists with one hand and actually play along with them with the other while being guided by opportunistic reasons. We plan to continue active work to coordinate our draft for it to be adopted as soon as possible,” Churkin said.


“Those guilty of terrorist acts in Paris and above Sinai to be inevitably punished”


Vitaly Churkin said at a meeting of the global organization’s Security Council on Friday, the organizers and perpetrators of terrorist attacks in Paris, as well as those guilty of destroying the Russian airliner above the Sinai Peninsula will suffer an inevitable punishment.


“The organizers and perpetrators of these bloody crimes will have their inevitable punishment. They should be looked for wherever they are hiding,” Churkin said, adding that Russia is ready for “broad interaction with other states for these purposes”.


Russia submitted the text of the resolution on coordination of actions in the fight against terrorist organizations in late September.


The document did not suit a number of Western countries as it calls to coordinate antiterrorism efforts with the authorities of the countries on whose territory military operations are conducted.


The Russian Federation submitted an updated draft November 18. Churkin earlier said it “clearly formulates the concept of self-defense and Article 51 of the UN Charter”.