Armed Forces are conducting retaliatory operation aimed at elimination of leaders of terrorist organizations and their allies, disruption of control and supply systems, as well as destruction of the ISIS military and oil&gas production facilities. For that purpose, the number of aircraft in the air group was doubled and constitutes 69 aircraft.


In total, in the course of the air operation, aircraft of the strategic and tactical aviation have performed 522 sorties, 101 air- and sea-based cruise missiles were launched, 1400 tons of air bombs of different purpose were dropped. In total, 826 enemy objects were destroyed.


In the course of the air operation, cruise missile strikes were conducted from the water zones of the Mediterranean and Caspian Seas at the distances of up to 1500 km; aviation was used from airfields located in Russia and Syria.


29 aircraft of long-range and bomber aviation made strikes from the zone of the Caspian Sea.


The range of flights of the Tu-160’s during the task performance from the water zone of the Mediterranean Sea constituted over 13 000 km.


In accordance with the orders of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, organization of cooperation with the French Armed Forces is started.


All the assigned missions were accomplished. The Armed Forces have passed to the next stage of the operation.