Two police raids have been carried out in an AirFrance hangar and in the Fedex offices in Roissy, not far from the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, Liberation reports.


According to the local authority responsible for airport security, the raids “were not directly linked to the attacks” but they recovered “several objects with a particular link to radicalisation.”



Hundreds British Muslim organisations have signed a joint declaration in a full page advert in this morning’s Telegraph newspaper, organised by the Muslim Council of Britain.


With one voice, British Muslims condemn the Paris attacksundeservedly.

The aim of attacks like those inflicted on Paris and other cities across the world is to turn communities against each other.

As Muslims, Britons and Europeans, we must stand together to make sure they do not succeed.


Terror in Paris



Forensics officers are now scouring the scene of the police raid in St-Denis.


Forensics of the French police are at work in the northern Paris suburb of St-Denis

French Police special forces raided an apartment, hunting those behind the attacks



Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has announced that a further 118 raids were carried out last night, 25 arrests have been made, 34 weapons seized and 16 stashes of drugs were found.


In total, 414 raids have taken place over the last three night leading to 60 arrests and 75 weapons have been discovered. The police have also enforced house arrest in 118 properties.


Officials have previously stressed that the raids are occurring under the ‘state of emergency’ declaration and are not necessarily directly linked to the Paris attacks.



Reporters in St-Denis were reporting police activity at the church of St Denis-de-l’Estrée but it appears this may be a false alarm, according to Le Monde.


Officers had broken down the door of the church but emerged empty-handed 15 minutes later. We’ll try to establish more concrete information about the purpose of the raid.






French government says all 129 victims of the Paris attacks have been identified, the French cabinet has heard this morning.


Around 100 families have now been able to collect their loved ones’ remains from the Institute of Forensics.



Summary: St-Denis raid


The raid in St-Denis is now over, here’s all the information we have so far.


  • Two people have been killed
  • Seven people have been arrested
  • Five police officers have suffered slight injuries, with a police dog killed


Here are the details which French prosecutors and police sources confirm:


  • A woman, who blew herself up, was killed in the raid.
  • Another person has been killed by a police sniper
  • Three men, whose identities are unknown, have been arrested inside the apartment
  • A man and a woman have been arrested in the “immediate vicinity” of the apartment, thought to be the apartment landlord and his female friend.
  • Police have made two more arrests since then, a total of seven
  • Officers had been in a stand-off with at least one person inside the apartment, what has happened to him is unclear


How the raid unfolded:


  • The apartment which is the focus of the raid is on a small street, Rue du Corbillon, about 2km from the Stade de France, one of the targets of Friday’s attacks.
  • Heavy shooting, including automatic gunfire, and explosions began at about 4.30am.
  • At least seven explosions were heard during the raid by local residents
  • Roads have been closed off, with military reeinforcements patrolling the area
  • Residents have been told to stay in their homes and away from windows.
  • Transport to St-Denis has been suspended and schools will not open on Wednesday.
  • Police have escorted out children and others from the scene of the standoff, with paramedics on standby. A counselling centre has been set up.


What is reported but still unconfirmed


  • Police sources told French media and AFP the targets of the raid were alleged to be the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks,Abdel-Hamid Abu Oud.
  • There is no evidence yet that these suspects are among the arrests or even in the apartment.
  • Police sources told BFMTV that police had placed a woman under surveillance “several days ago” who they suspected might be sheltering Abdel-Hamid Abu Oud
  • We do not yet know if this was the same woman who blew herself up at the apartment early this morning.



Police operations at the St-Denis apartment are over and the security services have now moved in, AFP and other French media report.



Police have escorted out children and others from the scene of the standoff, with paramedics on standby.


People are been transferred to a local hospital near the site of this morning police raid

Firefighters are gathered in the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis city centre



Seven people now held by police after St-Denis raid



Here’s the full news report from Jon Henley and Angelique Chrisafisin St-Denis on what we know so far about the raid.


At least two people have been killed during a major police operation targeting the alleged mastermind of Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, police and judicial sources have said.

Police sources said a man wanted in connection with the bloody series of suicide bombings and shootings was shot dead by a police sniper during the raid, while the Paris public prosecutor confirmed that a woman had blown herself up by detonating an explosive belt.

There were unconfirmed reports that there may be a third person inside the apartment building on the rue de Corbillon in St-Denis, a town just north of Paris, where police launched the operation at about 4.30am.

The Paris prosecutor, François Molins, also said three men who were inside the apartment had been arrested.