Syria strongly condemned Wednesday the criminal cowardly terrorist attack against the Russian civilian plane over Sinai, Egypt which claimed the lives of the innocent people on board




Syria renew its extreme expression of sympathy and solidarity with the people and leadership of the Russian Federation and affirms its readiness for utmost cooperation with the Russian authorities in chasing criminals of ISIS who perpetrated this heinous terrorist act and punish them severely, Foreign and Expatriates ministry said in a statement.


The terror expansion of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nsra and other organizations affiliated to al-Qaeda to other countries was due to the Western and United States wrong policies which provided all means of support for terrorist organizations through their tools in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries in service for their agendas of planting chaos in the region and tampering its countries’ security and safety to impose hegemony over them and to control their capabilities, a thing which Syria warned of its consequences repeatedly, the statement added.


The Foreign Ministry statement added that in facing the impending dangers, represented by terrorism against safety and security of the whole world, which has been proved that nobody is far from it, Syria renews call for consolidating all international efforts to eliminate terrorism in line with the UN Security Council resolutions related to combating terrorism and obliging the terrorist organizations’ supporting countries to implement these resolutions and halt immediately providing any kind of support to these terrorist organizations.