An anti-terrorist police assault was underway in northern Paris suburbs Saint-Denis for hunting down the 9th suspect of the Paris attacks, BFMTV reported early Wednesday morning.


The operation targets Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Moroccan-origin Belgian jihadist believed to be the mastermind of Friday night’s attacks, according to the report.


So far three suspects have been arrested and some police officers have been injured in the operation, it said.


Witnesses told BFMTV they heard “explosions” and “gunshots” since 0430 local time (0330 GMT). Gunshots were also clearly heard from Xinhua office.


The operation was taking place in the “very center” of the city, Saint-Denis Mayor Didier Paillard told BFMTV, nothing that residents are adviced to stay at home.


Public transport was suspended in the operation zone.