Finnish police report there were two incidents at asylum seeker reception centres which required police attention over the weekend.




Police said that at least two individuals hurled four bricks at the Hennala reception centre in Lahti, destroying three windows of a day room at the facility just after midnight on Saturday night.


No one was injured in the incident, but there were a few people in the day room when the bricks crashed through the windows.


At least two people were seen fleeing the area which once served as a military barracks.


Police said they had not yet found any suspects.


Police are investigating the incident as an aggravated violation of domestic peace.


Intoxicated man fired flare gun


Police reported another incident at a reception centre for youths in Espoo late on Saturday night, when a 47 year-old intoxicated man who lives nearby fired off a modified flare gun near the centre.


Police said the man told them he was trying to have fun.


However, the police said the flare gun had been modified in a way that it would also accept different rounds, other than flare cartridges.


Police are investigating the case as a firearms offense.


No one was injured in the incident.