The National Bureau of Investigation has responded to three requests for information, such as fingerprint checks, in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, Police in Finland said on Monday.


Finland's chief of police Seppo Kolehmainen


Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation has received three assistance requests from French officials in the wake of Friday’s attacks in Paris.


MTV3 news reported on Monday that Chief of Police Seppo Kolehmainen said his forces have responded to a number of requests from French investigators, which were not directed simply to Finland, but sent to other countries as well.


Kolehmainen said requests like this are common after an event such as Friday’s deadly attacks on the French capital, in which almost 130 have so far been confirmed to have died.


”It’s normal for the country that is targeted to ask other states within and outside the EU to check whether they hold any information on identified individuals,” Kolehmainen told Yle. He said that the requests have so far related to fingerprints.


”I cannot say any more beyond the fact that the requests have been responded to, and that they related to identification and not to information about Finland,” he said.