Belgian broadcaster RTL reports that police have arrested Salah Abdeslam, suspected of being involved in the Paris attacks, in the Belgian suburb of Molenbeek. Abdeslam was the subject of the French police wanted order. The RTL report has not yet been confirmed.


His brother was named by French police as a bomber who carried out a suicide attack on one of the locations targeted on Friday night.


According to multiple reports, police carried out a raid in Molenbeek this morning and closed several roads.


Witnesses at the scene described hearing explosions followed by orders given by police through a loudspeaker.


One man was apparently then ordered to come to the window with his hands raised.


Salah is alleged to have rented the black Volkswagen Polo used by the group that attacked the Bataclan concert hall.


He is said to have been born and lived in Belgium, although French police have described him as a French national.


In the hours after the attacks, French police stopped Abdeslam and two other men close to the border with Belgium, but allowed them to go on their way because their names were not at that stage on any wanted list.


Ibrahim Abdeslam, the brother of on-the-run attacker Salah, was identified by prosecutors as the man who rented a Seat vehicle used in the attacks.


He carried out the suicide attack at the Comptoir Voltaire cafe. Ibrahim, 31, was a French national based in Belgium.