TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Syrian army troops backed by volunteer forces managed to advance in ISIL-held areas in Deir Ezzor in the eastern part of the country, killing dozens of the foreign-backed militants, local reports said.


During their clean-up operations, the Syrian forces managed to clear terrorists from villages and hideouts in the southwestern suburbs of Aleppo.


In the suburbs of Deir Ezzor, dozens of ISIL terrorists were killed by the Syrian army, SANA reported on Saturday.


A number of terrorists were also killed on the outskirts of Latakia and Hama during the operations mounted by government forces.


Earlier on Friday, a military source said the Syrian forces had taken control of Tal Bajer, Tleilat, Maryouda, Khirbet al-Kousa in the southwestern areas of Aleppo province.


Terrorist groups in these areas suffered heavy losses with a number of their vehicles equipped with machine guns being destroyed, the source said.


Syria has been entangled in civil war since March 2011. The ISIL Takfiri terrorist group controls parts of the Arab country, mostly in the east.


Meanwhile, Russia’s aerial support for the Syrian forces has given fresh impetus to the fight against the foreign-backed terrorists.


Since late September, Russia has been carrying out bombings against the ISIL terrorists in Syria, after Russia’s parliament granted President Putin authorization to deploy the country’s air force abroad.


In the past four and a half years, more than 250,000 people have died in Syria -overwhelmingly civilians- and around 4 million Syrian people are now refugees in other countries. Around 8 million others have been displaced internally.