Paris Prosecutor Molins released details into the investigation of the terror attacks that killed at least 129 people.


Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins presented the first report of the police investigation into Friday’s Paris attacks, saying three criminal cells had operated in coordination.


He raised the death toll to 129 people, which he said was a temporary figure that will likely continue rise. He added that 352 people are reported injured, including 99 in critical condition.


So far, investigators have identified seven criminals. One of them — a French resident of the Parisian suburb Essonne — was already known by the intelligence service and considered “radical,” but the prosecutor said he had never been connected to a terrorist network. He was found guilty for various common crimes between 2004 and 2010, and never incarcerated.


Molins confirmed that a Syrian passport was found next to the Paris Stadium, but the criminal was not known by French intelligence services.


The seven terrorists used similar weapons (Kalachnikovs 7-62) and explosives (TATP), which are meant to kill as many people as possible when they explode.


He also confirmed that one group of terrorist escaped in a car was rented by a French citizen residing in Belgium.