Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has instituted criminal cases against seven deputies of the Verkhovna Rada representing the Radical Party, its flamboyant leader Oleg Lyashko said on Friday.


“Criminal cases have been instituted against seven deputies from our party, including myself,” he told 112 Ukraina channel. “The data I have indicates the Prosecutor General’s Office plans to charge me with beating up a prosecutor of some kind.”


The Verkhovna Rada gave consent on September 17 to the opening of a criminal case against and arrest of Igor Mosiychuk, a deputy from the radical party who was charged with corruption.


He was detained in the Rada building and taken to an investigation ward. On September 18, a district court in Kiev ordered to take Mosiychuk to custody until November 15.


Apart from corruption, the authorities accuse him of hooliganism, violence against an official, and interference with the activities of judiciary agencies.


The Radicals claim along with it that their fellow-partisan is a political prisoner.