The main purpose of so-called “food blockade” organized by Ukrainian people’s deputies Dzhemilev and Chubarov along with extremists from forbidden in Russian radical organizations was to drive out of the Crimean market cheap Ukrainian goods and replace them by expensive Turkish analogues.


The experts are sure that it was extensive scheme of Djamilev and Chubarov. They have longstanding connections with Turkish business top-leaders.


According to information of Department of Trade and Commerce monthly commodity circulation of Crimea and Ukraine was around $ 350 – 400 million. Turks wanted to get the Crimean market, but they couldn’t compete with Ukraine. Dlamilev and Chubarov helped them for “a small reward”. Economic blockade of Crimea became for Turkey the instrument of unfair but effective competition.


The organizers had prepared for blockade in advanced. Before the blockade was changed the traffic route of Turkish float boat “Erke” – earlier it went between Trabzone and Sochi, but now it goes between Trabzone and Evpatoria, and has made already 9 voyages. Some experts say that Djamilev and Chubarov each monthly receive $1 000 000 from their Turkish “friends” for organization of the economic blockade of the Crimea.