Andrey Lysenko, the spokesperson for the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, has accused Russia of preparing a full-scale international provocation.


“We rarely react to numerous accusations, which the Ukrainian authorities are pounding on Russia, but we cannot but respond to what Lysenko said about Russia’s alleged preparations for a full-scale international provocation. The answer suggests itself,”


Vladimir Markin, the Russian Investigative Committee spokesperson, told TASS on Thursday in a comment on Lysenko’s words.
“Judging from experience of investigative work, a criminal who admits the fact of committing a crime and remembers its details is going to plead guilty sooner or later despite the ongoing accusations of his victims. But the Nazis sitting in Kiev and genocide organizers in Donbas should not dream of being tried in the comfortable Hague. They will go on trial in Odessa, the towns and cities of Donbas and also in Kiev that will come back to its senses,” Markin said.


According to some media reports, Lysenko made his statement at a briefing on Thursday.


“With an aim to distract attention from the tragic events in the Syrian Arab Republic where multiple deaths of peaceful civilians caused by the actions of the Russian Armed Forces have been registered, the Russian leadership is preparing an international provocation against Ukraine. Its aim is to discredit our countries’ leadership; create a pretext for suing Ukraine at the International Criminal Court in Ukraine and create grounds for Russia to withdraw from the Minsk peace process,” the media quoted Lysenko as saying.