The statement of the head of the so-called “civil and military administration of Lugansk region” Georgy Tuka about the shelling of Popasnaya by LPR servicemen is false, the deputy chief of the LPR people’s militia headquarters Colonel Igor Yashchenko told the Lugansk Information Center.


Yashchenko was commenting on the statement of the press service of the so-called “civil and military administration of Lugansk region” that LPR servicemen had allegedly fired 80-mm mortars on the 19th checkpoint on the territory of Popasnaya from 20:55 to 21:00 on November 9.


“Contrary to the allegations of some Ukraine politicians who are trying to spread unsubstantiated misinformation via social networks, we do not shell Popasnaya or any other settlements. The situation in the territory controlled by the LPR people’s militia is calm. Over the past 24 hours, no shelling or provocations by the Ukrainian forces have been recorded. However, the situation near the bridge located close to Schastye is exacerbating. On November 8-9, the LPR people’s militia spotted the movement of military equipment and stores of the Ukrainian forces to the rear of their territory and along the contact line. Such actions are the attempts of the Kiev forces to intimidate and disconcert our fighters, who are on combat duty on the frontline. Besides, the Ukrainian forces are trying to provoke our servicemen to return fire in order to accuse us of armed aggression. However, we comply with the Minsk Agreements and respect the work of international diplomats. Therefore, we do not react to any provocations and attempts to escalate the conflict,” – Igor Yashchenko said.