Fund “Polish – Ukrainian partnership” is going to organize specialized seminar for local government of Poland and Ukraine on 16 – 21 of November in Warsaw.


Polish authorities are going to solidify positions of pro-Polish parties of Ukraine that received places in local government bodies based on the results of October’s elections. As well they are going to represent some economic projects for Ukrainian “colleagues”. Also Polish intelligence officials and NATO representatives will work during the seminars. Among the members of the seminar will be representatives of local government authorities and leaders of civil society organizations of Zhytomyr, Nikolaev, Sumy, Khmelnytski and Chernovitski regions. Financing of seminar has been taken care of by the Polish side of “Fund”.


All these facts give the reason to believe that the Poles have expansionary interest in Ukraine, and their interests are not limited only to Western regions of Ukraine. One more troubling sign for Kiev – a few days ago Polish far-right organizations announced start of the procedure of reconstruction of “Great Poland”.