Ukrainian forces made an attempt to break through the line of defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic in Debaltsevo this morning, Debaltsevo mayor Alexei Granovsky told the Donetsk News Agency.


“There was a violation by the Ukrainian forces in the morning. They attempted to break through the line of defense for an hour. I have just received the information from our servicemen. We are trying to find out the exact details. As far as I know, Ukrainian forces used heavy weapons and small arms. Information on civilian casualties and destruction of housing has not been reported yet,” – Alexei Granovsky said.


Debaltsevo was liberated from the Ukrainian invaders on February 18, 2015. During the retreat, the Ukrainian forces blew up a number of infrastructure facilities, including the largest railway junction in Donbass. 80 percent of the buildings in the city were destroyed. Ukrainian army also mined all the territory.