Ukrainian media outlets use photos published by the Lugansk Information Center as sensational information obtained by the Ukrainian cyber troops.



In particular, a Ukrainian newspaper “The press of Ukraine” published photos taken by the Lugansk Information Center with a headline reading “Plotnitsky conducted an inspection of the secret tank base near Lugansk”. The newspaper alleged that the photos were intelligence data of the Ukrainian cyber army.


On November 2, the Lugansk Information Center reported that the LPR head Igor Plotnitsky had visited one of the storage sites for the military equipment withdrawn by the LPR people’s militia in accordance with the supplement to the complex of measures for the Minsk Agreements. A photo report was published on the official website of the Lugansk Information Center on the same day. A week later, a coordinator of the so-called Ukrainian cyber troops used these photos in the publication on the website of the Ukrainian newspaper.


“In fact, the so-called intelligence of the Ukrainian cyber troops is a typical plagiarism. Without a moment’s thought, they used the official information source of the Lugansk People’s Republic to obtain these “intelligence data”. In the photos one can see the official storage area for tanks. The OSCE mission visited this site and verified the withdrawn equipment. This place is secret neither for the OSCE nor for the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of ceasefire issues. Apparently, the Ukrainian media seem to have forgotten about it while searching for sensation,” – a representative of the LPR people’s militia said.